Next GT-R Coming As A 2016 Model

Mahmood Ansari August 31, 2013 5
Next GT-R Coming As A 2016 Model

At the Nissan 360 global press event which was held in Southern California last week, a Nissan representative has confirmed that the new Nissan GT-R will be coming as a 2016 model.

The current Nissan GT-R R35 has been on the sale since 2009 which at first came with a twin turbo charged 3.8 litre engine producing 485 hp, which later was bumped to 530 hp and then again to 545 hp.

Despite the same old shape, technology and increasing price, the GT-R is still known as the “supercar killer” so we are looking forward to seeing what the 2016 model brings, which is also rumoured to include a hybrid powertrain. The 2016 Nissan GT-R will be coming before the end of 2015 but before that, a Nismo version of the current model will be coming which will be lighter, more powerful and more track focused.

So what do you guys? Looking forward to the 2016 model or is the GTR, a one trick pony?

Via MotorTrend

SupercarsofBC says:

I think the GTR looks good, but it’s got the same story as the Maserati GrabTurismo- it’s been on sale for too long without updates and is getting a bit boring.

SupercarsofBC says:


Jordan Cleinman says:

I don’t think the GT-R is a one trick pony. It’s done too well to be a one trick pony…. For less half the price of an Aventador you can have an AMS-12 GTR, but the GT-R is great on it’s own!

Fadil Mazrekaj says:

Weinsin winsin Autos Sport Vlge tekniesch

Jesse Poage says:

ill have to buy a 09/10 model in ’18 then after they have depreciated to under 30k