Armed Crew in Porsche Panamera

Robert James October 7, 2013 3
Armed Crew in Porsche Panamera

This is one of the more shocking videos to come out of an eastern european dashcam.

In Kiev, Ukraine, a group of guys wearing black clothing pile out of an all black Porsche Panamera, and attempt to remove the driver of Seat Leon by smashing the windows and firing shots at the car. It’s obvious these guys had no intention to kill whoever they were trying to catch, otherwise they would’ve just shot them. They were pretty intimidating though.

According to police reports, the Seat managed to escape the blockage and a rear passenger exited the car and fled the scene. The armed men also left in their Porsche. The police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened, but confirm that nobody was injured.


Scott Collis says:

At least the guy smashes there Porsche for them :)

ben nibohs says:

if i was in the camera car i wouldve mowed the two idiots down

Wojciech Wólczyński says:

It’s mafia, u don’t want to deal with the mafia.