Aventador Smash and Split in Two (Updated with more Images)

Shmee September 22, 2013 35
Aventador Smash and Split in Two (Updated with more Images)

If there’s ever an image that would you make you sit back and remember quite how much regard we must hold for the supercars we love to admire and for some to drive, it’s this.

The Lamborghini Aventador is fitted with an incredibly strong carbon monoque, yet the brutal force of this incident has ripped right through it and separated the cockpit and engine. It’s designed to do this to protect the occupants only in the most severe impacts.

The incident involves an Aventador on a New York number plate and the incident is reported to have happened in Brooklyn, New York but at the moment we have no news on the condition of the driver and passenger but our thoughts and prayers are with them for their health.


All initial reports suggest the incident is speed related but that the occupants have escaped without too much harm, we’ll update again with further information.

Instagram user _blondiieee__ has reported that the incident involved her brother. In this image she shows her brother’s car claiming that he’s been hospitalized but “he’s ok” and that “he was hit by a Lamborghini doing 100mph”


More images are flying in from Instagram of the remains:



Additional images from GTspirit.com






Roel says:

i just looked @ the video and it doesnt look like it was going 160 km/h

Moses Anderson says:

Luckily they designed the Aventador monoque to break away in such an accident

dabbin says:

In a severe accident, yes. Most ‘hyper’ cars do, it’s based off racing technology.

The speeds he was going is the concern. If that accident sheared it on half most car collisions could. The only time I remember seeing a cockpit separate was the 199mph Enzo crash in California.

The engine ended up 1/4 mile away. There was reason to ditch the drivers cabin for safety… here ?

Harry says:

The Grammar in the Posts on this website
is dreadful, and almost unreadable. I mean don’t get me wrong I love the
Supercar Kids website and enjoy the whole concept. But proof some of the posts

Jim Benghazi Bennett says:

Oh, I want the front half for the coolest video game simulator ever. Imagine a giant flat screen in front of it and the steering and pedals rigged as the controllers.

Toby Kessler says:

Driver is ok. He was being and idiot and going 100 mph on the streets of Brooklyn NY. He hit a car, spun out then hit a tree. The car then split in half. He is ok, the driver of the other car is currently in the hospital. Like this so everybody can see the full story.

Aizul Johari Zulkifli says:

where is the full story??

Hok says:

It was the other drivers fault. http://vimeo.com/75165920

Salamihawk says:

But legally the driver of the Lamborghini will be found responsible, because he was doing 100MPH in a residential area. And rightfully so.

dabbin says:

He wasnt doing 100mph, there is full video of the accident, if you think THAT is 100mph… wow.

The car turned left and stopped on a 2 way street in front of the Lamborghini. In his lane.

They will watch video, see scars speed, see driver pull in front. Hope he has insurance to cover the $400,000 wreck he made.

Hok says:

He was speeding but not nearly a 100 mph, and stating that just shows ignorance. The other driver will be found guilty, no doubt.

bianbrah says:

He definitely wasn’t driving at 100mph if you look at the video, the other driver turned on the Lambo driver’s lane and thus it was the sedan’s fault. I reckon he wasn’t looking at the road at all and instead was on his phone cause if I see a Lambo coming into my direction I’d definitely take notice where it was going, especially if I was going to take it’s lane.

Scrotum Repair says:

100 MPH on Earth?
Typical human hyperbole.

Ruw says:

The carbon monoque of the aventador is designed to intentionally break away from the engine upon impact so as to protect the driver. They design the Pagani Huayra to do this too

SangheiliSpecOp says:

This hurts me. I hope the driver and passenger will be okay. The Aventador cut in half only makes the situation worse :(

Isaac Vergara Palma says:

this is not funny :'(

Aimar Ruiz says:

Im crying… and it isnt mine :(