Bugatti Having Trouble Selling The Remaining 40 Veyrons

Mahmood Ansari February 14, 2014 9
Bugatti Having Trouble Selling The Remaining 40 Veyrons

The current Bugatti Veyron is approaching an end with the second generation Bugatti already confirmed to be coming with more power.

However in order to do that, Bugatti first needs to sell the remaining Veyrons, 40 to be exact, which  they are currently having trouble selling.  The coupes were all sold out in 2011 with the remainder 40 being convertibles, and Bugatti will not move forward with the second generation Veyron before these $84.9 million worth of cars are sold first. “There will be no introduction on any new model until the Grand Sport and Vitesse are sold out,” John Hill, Sales Director for America has said.


To tackle this problem, Bugatti are hosting experience days for potential customers to come down and see what  the car can actually do. The programme is being offered to 20 to 25 prospects per weekend. “The Dynamic Drive Experience is attracting individuals who haven’t been exposed to our brand before, other than possibly reading about it,” said John Hill, sales director for the Americas. “We bring the car to a location near them.”

However even after the 40 remaining Veyrons have been sold, don’t expect the successor to arrive immediately as John Hill has also said “”I wouldn’t expect an announcement for a couple years down the road.”

Via Bloomberg