Dealership Lets Supercars Including P1 Sit In Dust

Harry Donaldson-mills May 14, 2014 4
Dealership Lets Supercars Including P1 Sit In Dust

Located in Saudi Arabia, Al Ghassan Motors is one of the main dealerships for Lamborghini, Bentley & Lotus with this particular dealership also being home to Mclaren. However, a video posted by the consumer rights group who specialize in car dealerships shows us how badly the customers cars are actually treated behind the scenes.


In the video below, the majority of the cars are covered in dust including the poor white Mclaren P1. The cars also appear to be cramped together with some under other cars which are already being serviced thus causing a potential hazard.

You may say in that part of the world, cars gathering dust like that is normal. However that is not true at all. If you were to compare Al Ghassan Motors to other dealerships in the same city you would see a huge difference. Just look for yourself in the pictures attached from other dealerships sent to us by a customer of both Al Ghassan and the ones below. No matter what value of the car, no one should have their cars to go through this!

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