Drake Fails To Start His Bugatti!

Mahmood Ansari September 8, 2013 2
Drake Fails To Start His Bugatti!

Rapper Drake who was recently given a Bugatti Veyron was on a night out when he failed to start his Bugatti in front of everyone. Definitely has to be one of the top fails but then again he can wipe his tears while driving the £1million+ toy. On a serious note, how easy/difficult do you guys think it is to start a Bugatti?

I love the “Drake is the type of guy” jokes so this one was perfect for it! – Drake the type of guy that would purposely not start the car in the middle of the night and say “baby, let’s talk” instead.

Krysh says:

is this the sang noir?

Thomas Casali says:

I think it is.