Jay Kay Bought A Kermit Green Ferrari LaFerrari

Sebastian June 11, 2014 12
Jay Kay Bought A Kermit Green Ferrari LaFerrari

Musician and car collector Jay Kay from Jamiroquai has bought a green LaFerrari! We all know that he already owns a black Ferrari Enzo (he wrote the song “Black devil car” about his experience with the car) so we all thought that a black Ferrari LaFerrari would join his collection soon.

LaFerrari Jamiroquai 1
LaFerrari Jamiroquai 2

But far off! Yes, Jay Kay ordered a LaFerrari but it´s not finished in nero but in Kermit Green, certainly a spot on colour which not only differs from all the red LaFerraris but it is also something you won´t find in the standard Ferrari colour catalogue! The car will be present at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed. Shmee150 is giving you the chance to be part of it: All you need to do is go to this page and participate!

What do you think of this unique colour? Is it too much or does a hypercar need this little buit of spice? Feel free to comment down below!

JK green

This Fifth Gear video of Jay Kay’s car collection might be old and outdated, but it still shows you that he is a real petrolhead:

Story via alexsmolik – New pictures by amg.599gto