Justin Bieber For Fast And Furious 7!?

Mahmood Ansari December 10, 2013 145
Justin Bieber For Fast And Furious 7!?

Last month, the automotive world lost one of its true heroes and icons, Paul Walker. As soon as the sad tragedy occured, the production of the fast and furious 7 film was put on hold while the producers figured out what to do, whether to continue filming somehow, to re write the script or completely shut down the film.

Now according to CarBuzz and few other sources, it has been said that one solution is to include Justin Bieber in the film. We are not sure how this would work but the rumors circulating include to either cast Justin Bieber as Paul Walker’s character, Brian (which is a definite NO from us and would look totally out of place) or perhaps give him a new character such as Brian’s younger brother, which would mean rewriting almost all of the script.


Whatever the idea, one thing is for sure that Justin Bieber is being backed by massive support including approval by Ludacris in his interview for hollywoodlife.

We have no idea why on earth would the producers even consider Justin Bieber for such a film, nothing against him but to us he doesn’t exactly come across as the ‘fast and furious’ type. Looking from a financial view, Justin Bieber has one of the largest number of fans thus if he is in the film, his fans will go see the film (and even take their parents if they are too young) which means a larger revenue for the film, especially if this is going to be the last film in the series.