Lamborghini misspells its own name on Egoista

Mahmood Ansari September 8, 2013 11
Lamborghini misspells its own name on Egoista

You had one job! The guys at GTSpirit have just discovered this amusing story where Lamborghini managed to misspell its own brand name to Lamborginih at Bensberg Classics and to make it worse it was on their one-off Lamborghini Egoista! Now before anyone says it was photo shopped we have messaged the photographer so waiting for his reply. For those saying Photoshop due to other pictures which show the correct name, it is because Lamborghini realized the mistake and changed it quickly towards the end of the day. (If it is a genuine story according to GTspirit and the photographer)

Now when it was first revealed, it had the correct badge so it raises some questions such as was the badge taken off at some point after the reveal which caused this mistake by one of the employee’s or is there actually a second Lamboghini Egoista which Lamborghini have kept a secret. Maybe it was a practical joke or perhaps someone at Lamborghini just had a really bad day. Nevertheless mistake happens and this one made us smile!

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Update: By the way, we personally thought it was a Photoshop, but what does this photo show us… ;) Any new opinions share them in the comments box below!

GTSpirit say on their website “The other photos were taken after they swapped the logo at the end of Friday, it is 100% not a photoshop we were there ;)”

mario gil says:

When you are dead, you do not know you’re dead. And it is difficult only for other people. It is the same when you are stupid.

Joudy Januar says:


Joudy Januar says:


TGE89 says:

You had one job too! You misspelled Egoista in the first paragraph as “Egosita”! C’mon!! :P
And btw, GTSpirit needs some photoshop lessons

Christopher Ormond says:

Its definitely photo shopped, the G and I don’t match up properly, there’s a little kink in between them. I’m sure even if Lamborghini did manage to spell their name wrong, the badge would still look smooth and flowing which this doesn’t. And also why is the “inih” blurry while the rest of the photo around it isn’t anywhere near as blurry. So I conclude it is 100% photo shopped

Samus says:

+1 the third picture it is written correctly…

Don Domingue says:

There no way. Lots of people would believe this but I’m not that gullible.

HowAboutNo says:

Yeah, GTspirit discovered it..
By the way, it’s not photoshopped you bunch of retards.

TheRealJesus says:

photoshopped. Look at the 3rd picture.

Andrew LaSane says:

it clearly says that the other photos were taken AFTER they swapped the logo

Jesus says:

ever heard of photoshop?