Lethal Bizzle Crashes His Ferrari 458

Mahmood Ansari November 13, 2013 3
Lethal Bizzle Crashes His Ferrari 458

Grime artist, Lethal Bizzle had a major misfortune last night in London where his Ferrari 458 crashed to the extent that it is now a write off.

The cause for the incident is unknown but luckily the driver is okay and according to him “he cheated death”


It has not been long since he’s had his Ferrari as I met him 2 weeks ago where he told me that his new car was coming soon. His previous car was an Audi R8 Spyder for which he even made a song called R8Gang.

C. Valente says:

Ya know, that doesn’t surprise me. Just cause you’re rich & famous doesn’t make you qualified to drive a powerful machine like that. Alot of the assholes that buy supercars aren’t equipped to handle all that power. The car drives THEM, not the other way around. He gets no sympathy from me!

Fabian Bonora says:

RWD kicked in YOOOO