Nothing is What it Seems With this ‘Zonda’ lookalike

Joey Mensen August 28, 2014 6
Nothing is What it Seems With this ‘Zonda’ lookalike

One thing is clear – the car displayed above is not a real Pagani Zonda. However, it is not a replica either. This Australian contraption is a very, very rare supercar, and it is a real creation of J.T Supercars.
The purpose was’nt to make a look-a-like of the famous Italian supercar, but, somehow, the basic shape of the Zonda just got stuck. This J.T Supercar is listed at around 260.000 Australian dollars, which is equal to £148.000 or €185.000.


What do you get for your money?

Besides a car looking similar to a Pagani Zonda, there are some similarities between these cars. J.T Supercars also builds their cars by hand, so that they are able to focus themselves on one unit at a time. Everything appears to be handmade inside the factory, like the chassis, engines, interior and exterior.
– This car reaches is powered by a V8 engine which allows you to choose your performance. Custom-made 8 cylinder engines with variety of horsepower options like:
500hp: 0-100km in 3.9 seconds top speed: 320km
700hp: 0-100km in 3.3 seconds top speed: 340km
1100hp: 0-100km in 2.9 seconds top speed: 370km

- The car comes with a long list of options, which you can peruse HERE.
– The cars are custom-built with respect to the customer’s preferences.
– Further information can be found on J.T


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