Top Gear Explains Its Destruction Of Mazda Furai

Robert James November 29, 2013 7
Top Gear Explains Its Destruction Of Mazda Furai

Back in September, we posted a brief article about Top Gear destroying the Mazda Furai. At the time, not a lot was known, but now, Top Gear have released a full story on how the unfortunate event unfolded.

According to Top Gear, the car was shooting flames from the exhaust while they were testing it – perfectly normal. They wanted to capture a few photos of the flames, so set about tracking it down the runway in another car with their photographer. However, during this run, they spotted flames coming from the engine bay.

The tracking car pulled alongside the Furai to warn the driver, then hurtled back down the runway to alert the fire crew who couldn’t see what was going on, because they were the other side of a crest on the runway.

With the angle of the wind, the fire quickly spread to the front of the car, engulfing it in flames. When the fire crew arrived, they drenched the car in an attempt to eliminate the fire, but by this time it was much, much too late. The Furai was hopelessly lost. As if to add insult to injury, one fireman even ripped off the door in order to get a better shot at the fire with the hose.

It took eight minutes from the start of the fire to the car’s utter destruction. There was only one Furai in existence, and now there are none. At the time, Mazda swept up the pieces and took what was left of the car to their Advanced Design Studio in California, although its current whereabouts are unknown.

Mazda have only just given Top Gear the go-ahead to publish the story, and hopefully they’ll build another one as it really was a stunning car. Photos of the disaster occurring are below:

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Via Top Gear.


Ash says:

Nothing said about the incorrect fuel being used in the Furai, when it was first shown on TG (TV) in UK Clarkson said ‘we’ could not drive it as no bio fuel was available in the country (UK)…so what fuel did they use in the Furai this time?
All sounds a bit fishy to me…

Olivier Thonne says:

I’m glad we now know what happened. I hope they will build a new car with the rest !

I’m afraid this is slightly off; TG was given permission to post information two months ago. I’ve got the collector’s edition magazine with that in it.

MyNameIsNotHamid says:

Damn, now i will never own one, damn Top Gear!

Matt Kantor says:

im so god damn curious who was driving