Truck Hits A Bugatti Veyron

Mahmood Ansari August 25, 2013 11
Truck Hits A Bugatti Veyron

A very sad incident has happened in New York, where a Saudi Bugatti Veyron was hit by a truck. No one exactly knows what happened but as you can see from the picture the front fender has been damaged.

Some have said that it was the truck driver’s fault while others say that the Bugatti was parked at a wrong area when this occurred, whatever the reason we feel sorry for both insurance companes! Stay tuned while we dig out more information.



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Edoardo x says:

at least it didnt break anything else

Scott says:

Just delete the comments why don’t you.

Walter E Arias says:

Thank you not given credit to the person who took the pictures and plagiarizing the first sentence of this article right from my own page.


TheSupercarKids says:

We saw the pictures on Instagram and have given credit to those users as you can see below. We don’t even know who you are so not sure what plagiarize you are talking about..

Walter E Arias says:

Read the first sentence from the original post..and read your first sentence on this article. that’s my page .Just saying

Scott says:

Thank you Sir for them amazing pictures :)

granit says:

TheSupercarKids are full of shit always lie and make up their own stoires up

jeanlefranais says:

NEVER feel sorry for insurance company !