Unique Bugatti Veyron Grant Sport Vitesse Spotted

Joey Mensen August 12, 2014 2
Unique Bugatti Veyron Grant Sport Vitesse Spotted

While many supercars are enjoying the sunshine of Cannes, this unique Bugatti was spotted around Shanghai. Since Shanghai has over 200.000 millionaires in its population, it’s not a bad place to visit if you fancy car spotting. This Bugatti has the designer lines of the L’Or Blanc, a one-off Bugatti made in 2011.

Most Bugatti owners tend to keep their prized possession shiny and prisitne, but the same cannot be said for this Bug, which was found covered in dust. The reason probably attributes to the high import taxes in China, and the lack of registration plates suggests that the owner has still not registered his unique Bug. Hopefully he decides not to wait for too long so that we can get some more stunning shots of this Bugatti!