Video: Hot Girl Rides In Ariel Atom

Robert James October 12, 2013 1
Video: Hot Girl Rides In Ariel Atom

ThatRacingChannel recently uploaded a video of a hot girl called Dayanis riding shotgun in an Ariel Atom.

Needless to say she enjoys the car and you’ll probably enjoy… Watching her in it. Unfortunately they run out of petrol around half way through the trip, and the driver has to run back to get help. Interpret that how you will.

Speaking of the driver, he’s apparently 16 years old. The video clearly shows he’s had quite a bit of experience already with quick cars, as he handles the Atom with observable talent for his age. Props to him for keeping his eyes on the road! I’ve got to admit, I wouldn’t have minded doing that at 16.

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john says:

16 years old with a 40 year old hairline lol.