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Are Chrysler 200 Good Cars – Would They Be Worth Your Cash?

by Jordan Harris
2015 Chrysler 200 Problems

From 2011 until 2017, one mid-size vehicle that has both intrigued and at the same time left drivers wondering about their purchase decision was offered for purchase. It featured a front-wheel drive and was offered as a saloon or a convertible in its initial generation. But many car buyers often wondered are Chrysler 200 good cars.

In 2015, the second-generation Chrysler 200 received all-wheel drive, however, also did away with the convertible model.

If you’re considering buying a Chrysler 200, then you may be curious about its typical lifespan. In this article, we’ll discuss that; keep reading to learn more.

Chrysler 200

Despite the Chrysler 200’s brief production lifetime, which lasted less than ten years, there is a wealth of industry data that may be used to estimate its potential lifespan.

There are accounts from 200 drivers who have passed 100,000 miles with comparatively few troubles and are still going strong across Chrysler user forums.

Looking up earlier models on used car websites like Car Gurus, in which many are listed with about 150,000 miles and a few with over 200,000 miles, makes its durability more obvious.

Both 200 models were offered with either a standard Pentastar 3.6-liter V6 engine or a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, both of which are dependable engines that have been extensively used in numerous Chrysler or Dodge vehicles.

The transmission was these vehicles’ weak point, with the Chrysler 200 2015 model receiving the most criticism.

Since then, these issues are no longer a problem, and for units that broke too soon, transmission replacements were done under warranty.

For no other reason than they are incredibly durable and useful vehicles, Chrysler 200s often were a preferred option for automobile rental firms.

The majority of times, owners have noted, their 200 only needed minimal upkeep and the replacement of perishable items like brake pads as well as tires to help reach high mileage.

Are Chrysler 200s Prone To Rust

Are Chrysler 200 good cars? The aluminum hood of the Chrysler 200 reportedly experienced numerous paint-bubbling concerns. You can readily and easily repair or replace the hood if it does annoy you, and the fact that this is merely a cosmetic problem is a plus.

According to owners, the Chrysler 200 also has the following other rust-prone areas:

  • inside the fuse box
  • uppermost wheel wells
  • between the door handles

Although this is typical for many vehicles, if you frequently drive on salty roads throughout the winter or live near the seaside where salt air is common, you’ll probably notice some rust patches, paint bubbling, as well as surface rust after 5 to 10 years.

If your 200 is less than five years old and exhibits any severe rusting or corrosion, you could still be able to submit a claim to Chrysler under its anti-perforation warranty.

Rust-Prevention Advice For Your Chrysler 200

Clean and dry your automobile on a regular basis, paying specific attention to the underneath during the winter to get rid of the salt, grime, and debris that can lead to rust.

At the end of each winter, we recommend getting a detailed shop wash of everything underneath.

Restore scratches and paint damage: Metal that is exposed will oxidize. Speak to your neighborhood body repair shop if the problem is beyond DIY repair.

Garage: Keep your Chrysler 200 there to shield it from inclement weather and animal droppings.

Waxing: Twice a year, wax your car. This will not only give your Chrysler 200 a lovely sheen, but it will also provide it with a layer of rust protection.

Rustproofing: Krown and Rust Check are popular rustproofing treatments to think about if you intend to maintain the Chrysler 200 for a  long period.

For those looking for more paint protection, ceramic coating is a popular option.

Chrysler 200 Problems

Chrysler 200 Problems

Despite the Chrysler 200’s modest level of dependability, issues could arise in the future. Some of the most frequent problems with the model throughout various model years are listed below:

Are Chrysler 200 Good Cars, Problems #1: Deployment Of Active Head Restraints

Some 2011–2017 Chrysler 200s have active head restraints which have been observed to randomly deploy owing to a manufacturing flaw. NHTSA claims that the plastic used to make the AHRs splits under stress or wear rather than detonate in the event of a rear-end collision. This has led to several reports of minor injuries or concussions among drivers.

Are Chrysler 200 Good Cars, Problems #2: Excessive Use Of Oil

There have been complaints that some 2.4L Tigershark-powered 2015–2016 Chrysler 200s use excessive amounts of oil. The oil pressure light does not come on whenever the oil levels are lower than 3.5 quarts, and the owners of the affected models have reported that their cars tend to use a quart of oil every 1,000 miles.

There have been complaints that some 2.4L Tigershark-powered 2015–2016 Chrysler 200s use excessive amounts of oil.

According to sources, the engine’s piston rings did not fit the cylinders properly, which led to oil leakage and oil burnoff during the compression cycle.

Remember that low levels of oil would prevent the engine’s moving parts from receiving the required lubrication. If you don’t fix the problem, numerous components may prematurely wear, which could lead to a number of drivability problems.

Are Chrysler 200 Good Cars, Problems #3: Transmission Malfunction

If you often find yourself wondering are Chrysler 200 good cars, among the most prevalent issues with the cars is transmission failure. Even while having a new transmission, the drivers of the affected cars have claimed that the vehicles will automatically change to a lower gear.

Many car owners have also expressed frustration about not being able to utilize their parking brakes and brakes, which forced them to come to a halt. While some drivers were able to safely stop their cars, others experienced minor collisions as a result of this issue.

When stepping on the brakes, many drivers have also complained that their cars shake and kick forward. Due to this, some headlamps require replacement, and some rear tires often come off the rims.

It has been noted that some nine-speed Chrysler 200s from the model years 2015 to 2017 have a few problems when changing gears. The impacted automobiles would jerkily shift through the gears, and occasionally they would shut off or shift into neutral on their own.

Due to their propensity to shift into neutral while moving, a number of 2015 Chrysler 200 vehicles were recalled in 2016. Due to the possibility of an accident is increased by unexpected shifting, the NHTSA decided to issue the recall notice.

Are Chrysler 200 Good Cars, Problems #4: Engine Stalling

The NHTSA launched a preliminary investigation in 2012 after 15 Chrysler 200s from the model years 2011 to 2013 stuck while being decelerated at a low speed, such as when stopping at a traffic light.

Further examination revealed that anytime the cars were idling or slowing down, a faulty powertrain control module would start a purge monitor check. The engines stalls as a result of the excessively rich vapor.

Are Chrysler 200 Good Cars, Problems #5: Electrical Problems

Due to a faulty TIPM, certain first-generation Chrysler 200 owners have experienced problems with the fuel pump failing to supply the engine with gasoline and airbags detonating erratically.

Buying a late-model Chrysler has many benefits, one of which is its powertrain control module. The TIPM serves as the entrance point for all electrical commands coming from switches or modules into the vehicle’s electrical system. It transforms the commands into ground or voltage. However, there are several issues with the TIPM.

Due to a faulty TIPM, certain first-generation Chrysler 200 owners have experienced problems with the fuel pump failing to supply gasoline to the engine and airbags detonating erratically. For the impacted Chrysler 200 models, there were no recalls.

Are Chrysler 200 Good Cars, Problems #6: Faulty Heater

There have been numerous complaints from 2012 Chrysler 200 owners regarding a broken heater mostly on the passenger side. Most people say that despite flushing the heater core as well as changing the radiator, the problem still persists.

While a new radiator normally costs from $200 and $800 including work, a heater core replacement typically costs between $60 and $100.

Are Chrysler 200 Good Cars, Problems #7: Engine Shutdown

Several stories have also stated that the 2012 revamp abruptly ended. The affected vehicles’ owners claim that they lost steering as well as braking control even before the engine stopped.

Most people were able to start their cars after briefly unplugging the negative battery connection. But other people still had trouble even after repairing the fuel pump.

Even a model as dependable as a Chrysler 200 will eventually experience problems that could impair its performance and drivability as it accumulates miles.

As a result, it’s crucial to be alert for signs that could point to a defective component. Keep an eye out for NHTSA recalls as well. This is so you can address any concerns with your car now rather than waiting for them to become more serious.

With such problems in mind, you may now answer to the question are Chrysler 200 good cars?

Check Engine Light Chrysler 200

Check Engine Light Chrysler 200

What should you do if a yellow light with the words “Check Engine” lights up suddenly? If you’re like the majority of Chrysler owners, you feel a little anxious. This is because you’re not sure just what light is attempting to inform you or what action to take.

It can be as difficult to deal with the anxiety of the uncertainty (or the cost of the unknown). Though it is advised that you have the Chrysler 200 serviced as soon as is practical, take a deep breath and remember that the light turning on doesn’t necessarily indicate you need to pull your vehicle onto the roadside and contact a tow truck.

Ignoring such warnings can result in expensive engine parts suffering serious harm.

The Electronic Control Module

The check engine light comes on when the electronic control module (ECM), the onboard computer of your Chrysler 200, detects a problem with the electronic control system which it is unable to diagnose.

This yellow or amber light always has the words “check engine” or “service engine soon”. But it might be just an image of an engine or a motor with the word “check” on it.

The ECM records an engine code, often known as a “trouble code”. It does this in its memory when the light comes on to identify the problem, which could be a sensor failure or an engine component failure.

Should you decide to go that path as well, there are a variety of code readers with a reasonable price and are for do-it-yourselfers.

Whereas this code will inform you of the problem, a true diagnostic still needs a skilled professional to identify and fix the problem.

What Might Turn On The Chrysler 200’s Check Engine Light

This could be as genuine a cause of your check engine light turning on. It is because of adjusting or changing the gas cap. The check engine light may also be an indication of a risky issue. One which could endanger your engine and result in a sizeable repair charge.

The check engine light may be illuminated or blink depending on your vehicle’s make and model. A constant glow typically denotes something less risky. But a blinking check engine light signals your car’s engine is in serious problems and requires servicing.

We strongly advise against driving if the check engine light is blinking on your Chrysler 200. Instead, book a Chrysler service right away. The most common causes for the check engine light include:

1. Oxygen Sensor

Replace your O2 Sensor (also known as an oxygen sensor). The O2 sensor, often known as the oxygen sensor, gauges the oxygen content of your exhaust system. Fuel burns more quickly and your car’s fuel economy will suffer if there is too much oxygen in the exhaust system. This would leave you wondering are Chrysler 200 good cars.

What will occur if I don’t replace your O2 sensor, then? In addition to lowering your miles per gallon, a bad sensor might damage your Chrysler 200’s catalytic converter and spark plugs.

The O2 sensor transmits information to the car’s onboard computer. This helps indicate the ideal ratio of air and fuel entering the engine’s cylinders. Additionally, a malfunctioning O2 sensor might make a car fail an emissions test.

2. Dead Battery

Sometimes the battery is so low or even dead. This in itself could cause the check engine light to turn on. Your Chrysler 200’s battery is absolutely stringent. Your car won’t start, play the radio, or illuminate the road in front of you. It will also fail to charge your phone without a car battery.

The automotive batteries of today are maintenance-free and last a lot longer compared to a few decades ago. The cost of a new one varies according to the model of the Chrysler you drive. Therefore be sure to browse current servicing discounts and deals.

3. Mass Air Flow Sensor

You must replace your mass airflow sensor or MAF. By detecting the volume of air entering the engine, the mass airflow sensor decides how much gasoline is necessary to run your engine effectively. Therefore, it’s crucial that you be wary of the symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor.

The mass airflow sensor assists the EMS in adjusting to specific changes, such as altitude. A faulty mass airflow sensor may be the cause of your Chrysler 200’s difficult starting. It could also result in harsh idling or rapid changes in the positioning of the throttle pedal.

4. A Vacuum Leak

There could be a vacuum leak in your Chrysler 200. This is an issue that many people seem to not be aware of when it happens.

The vacuum system in every Chrysler 200 carries out a wider range of tasks. By directing the vapors created as gasoline vaporizes inside the engine, the vacuum system also aids in reducing harmful emissions.

A vacuum leak may be to blame if you find that your engine speed is high while it is idle or fluctuates erratically. Vacuum hoses can wear down and crack over time, especially if they come close to intense heat or fear.

5. Spark Plugs

The component of the motor which fires the air/fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber of the car is the spark plug.

The pistons are moved by this explosion, which also powers the engine. The ignition coil’s spark reaches the spark plugs through the spark plug wires.

You will notice poor performance and decreased power. This is if the spark plugs and spark plug wires are faulty or defective. Your engine may have difficulties starting or running altogether in some rare circumstances.

6. Broken Or Missing Gas Cap

One of the most frequent and typical causes is a loose, broken, or missing gas cap on your Chrysler 200. Your Chrysler 200’s gas cap serves a number of functions.

It seals the gasoline system and helps maintain pressure inside the fuel tank. It also stops gas fumes from escaping while not driving.

What occurs if your fuel cap is damaged? You may lose fuel via evaporation if the gas cap is old or has a faulty seal. This will necessitate repeated trips to the station.

If you are still on the edge of are Chrysler 200 good cars, then, fortunately, changing a gas cap is not expensive. Your Chrysler 200’s check engine light comes on soon after you fill it with gas. In this case, the very first thing you ought to do is make sure the cap is secure and that it’s still on the roof of your car or at the fuel pump.

Chrysler 200 Reliability

Chrysler 200 Reliability

Due to cheap down payments as well as purchase prices, some cars could seem like a good investment. However,  you need to do some research to find out exactly what the car will cost you.

To help you save time and money, this article provides information on the specifics of a Chrysler 200’s genuine maintenance costs.

The Chrysler 200 is not very reliable overall since its reliability is not well-defined.

The annual total car maintenance costs for the Chrysler 200 are $549. The table that follows provides a detailed ranking of each car in this overall scheme for comparison’s sake.

The Chrysler 200 is significantly less expensive to maintain when compared to the average vehicle ($651 annually vs. $549 for the Chrysler 200).

How Often Does A Chrysler 200 Need To Be Serviced

Taking a look at how frequently the car needs major unplanned service over a three-year period. This is to find the recurrence of major maintenance. This “serious” service unit is an expensive system breakdown that needs fixing. Often this costs over $1000 to do.

It’s important to emphasize that while we evaluate the data by model and make, vehicle condition, driving style, as well as mileage will also affect outcomes.

The vehicle requires various types of service depending on the car model. When new vehicles could go much longer between services, the older cars may need frequent maintenance.

The frequency score can help to determine how long a car can go without maintenance. The frequency score will show the frequency that a certain car will need serious repair over a three-year period.

If a vehicle has a frequency rating of 3, for example, it will require major service every year since you will calculate the score over a three-year period. The longer it can go between major maintenance services, the closer its frequency score is to 0.

The frequency score of a Chrysler 200 is 0.8999999999999999. This indicates that the Chrysler 200 is significantly better than the average given that the industry average is 1.3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chrysler 200 A Good Car

The Chrysler 200 has a reliability rating of 4/5, which is higher than the brand’s overall average of 3.5/5. The Chrysler 200 had a 4.2/5 on the Kelley Blue Book customer rating index, which is a very good dependability rating.

How Long Do Chrysler 300 Last

A Chrysler 300 will typically endure for 200,000 miles, providing it an expected lifespan of 13 years and four months, and has an average annual mileage of 13,500 miles. We can tell from statistics from Repairpal.com that Chrysler 300s are very dependable vehicles to own. A 3.5/5 star reliability rating is given to the vehicle.

How Many Miles Can You Put On A Rental Car

Read the terms and conditions of the rental contract to be sure as limits differ by rental business and can range from 20 miles (or 30 kilometers) per day to 250 miles (or 400 kilometers) per day.

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