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Bird Poop On Car – What You Can Do About It?

by Jordan Harris
Bird Poop On Car

Have you ever wondered what you can do to remove bird poop from a car? If this is the case and this is the situation you are into, then you are at the right place because there will be a lot to cover on this topic where we will learn everything when it comes to bird poop on a car.

Having a problem like this can be really frustrating to deal with. You took your car to the car wash and the car simply gets bombarded by pigeon poop in a matter of hours. Nobody wants to be in this situation and neither you. You are probably trying to find a solution to this problem and we understand.

Personally, I deal with this every day. My car is getting obliterated by these birds on a daily basis and I really can relate to this problem. That’s why we are writing this article and we try to learn all the ins and outs of this problem that troubles millions of people each day.

In this article, we will go scientific. First, we will understand what is bird poop and what it contains. How the bird poop is different from dirt and mud and also why poop is one of the things that damage our vehicles as well. After this, we will learn more about the corrosive capability of bird poop on a car and how it can damage your paint. Then we will dive into the products and methods that you could try to protect your paint. So, if you want to learn more, follow along.

What Is Bird Poop?

Before we dive into the topic of bird poop on car and how to remove it. Let’s introduce ourselves to the topic and learn more about bird poop. What bird poop is and its history with humankind. If you want to learn how to remove bird poop on car you can move to the following chapters. If not, keep up with us for a bit.

Bird poop is not like any poop out there. Bird poop is special. That’s why people were using it for centuries. Until recently, bird poop was one of the main fertilizers out there. And this tells quite a lot about the positive sides of bird poop.

For centuries people were using this poop to grow crops. And even my grandpa was collecting the poop from the chickens to later on put in our garden to grow some vegetables. And this shit worked, I mean literally, when used correctly, crops grow like crazy. It’s basically like vitamins and minerals for the soil.

But what makes bird poop so different when compared to our poop? Well, it is different because birds don’t pee and everything from the organism is removed in the poop. That’s why bird poop on car splashes and your windshield is covered in this substance. Especially if it is a large bird that drops some big bombs.

You get my point. Bird poop is not that dangerous after all. It fertilizes the ground and delivers us food to the table and also helps nature. But why there is bird poop on car? What makes cars so special to birds that they want to drop some of their waste on your car? Let’s elaborate on that next.

Why Do Birds Poop On Your Car?

We learned what is bird poop on car and we learned why it is such an important thing for people who grow crops. Now let’s move on to car topics and understand why do birds poop on your car in the first place? What makes cars such an attractive object for birds to poop on? Let’s elaborate.

Some people would argue that something attracts birds to your car and they target the cars intentionally to annoy you. Even though this is somewhat true since ravens for example are really intelligent birds and could do something like this on purpose. Pigeons on the other hand or smaller birds don’t care where they poop on.

During the day, there are hundreds of birds that fly over our cars. And considering that cars are really big objects in this context. It is really easy for some of the poop to end up on your vehicle’s windshield, hood, or roof.

Especially in places where are a ton of birds that travel in flocks. In a single flock, there are up to a thousand birds in some cases. And they basically bombard everything underneath them. So, some of this poop could end up on your car and make your car look horrendous.

Another important thing is the situation when you park under trees. Birds love to hang out on trees where they rest or live. So, whenever you park a car under a tree, having bird poop on car is a normal thing. In this situation, there is nothing you could do about it except to park somewhere safe where are no trees.

But more on that later in the article. Now let’s see how bird poop on car is so different when compared to other contaminants such as dirt and mud.

How Bird Poop Is Different From Dirt And Mud

Now, after we learned more about bird poop on car and why birds poop precisely on your car. Let’s cover another topic and that is what are the differences between bird poop and other dirt and debris that sticks to the car. Since this is really important to know, what makes poop so special and so unwanted when it comes to contact with your car.

As you probably know, when we drive our cars there are different types of dirt and debris that stick to the paint. Roads are not clear 100%. So, in the winter months, there is a lot of dirt buildup on the roads. This dirt basically sticks to the sides as well as the rear of the car.

In addition to this, when you drive into the mud, there is a ton of debris on the wheel wells and the quarter panels. Something that is not ideal but still not that dangerous such as bird poop on car. So, what makes bird poop on car different from these two types of debris that sticks to our cars?

The number one thing is that bird’s poop is really sticky. If it dries in the sun it will be a real pain to remove it correctly. So, this will make the cleaning process a lot more difficult and will require more labor to be involved to remove this bird poop on car.

Not to mention that whenever there is poop it can damage your paint. But more on that in the following chapter. Also, when you try to scrape it off, you could easily scratch the clear coat if you are not careful.

Removing poop from your car requires special products. But more on that after we learn the possible damage to the paint.

How Bird Poop Damages The Paint Of Your Car?

Now as we learned what is bird poop on car and how it is different from anything else out there that sticks on your car. Namely, because it is so sticky and difficult to remove. Let me tell you that there are also other dangers from bird poop on car. And these dangers are really serious and will make you consider protecting your car from bird poop.

So, what makes bird poop so dangerous for your car? Well, bird poop has acidic pH levels. Meaning that these bird droppings are really corrosive to your paint.

These abrasive properties go into the paint and cause the paint to oxidate. On more modern cars that have clear coat it starts to eat the clear coat.

As you probably know, there is about half a millimeter of clear coat on each car to protect the paint from bird poop and other oxidative contaminants. This protective layer is the first line of defense.

The bird poop since it is very acidic will start to eat this clear coat and you will start to notice some dark spots that you will not be able to remove. This is the place where the poop fell and ate up the clear coat.

Nothing bad will happen from a few droppings. But if your car is constantly bombarded on a daily basis. The clear coat of the paint will oxidate faster and then the paint itself will get damaged. Resulting in expensive repairs if you decide to remove this oxidated layer of paint and respray the car.

That’s why there are some methods and products that you can try in order to remove this bird poop on a car. And more on that we are going to discuss in the following chapters. So, follow along till the end.

Methods & Products For De-Pooping Your Car

Now after we understood the seriousness of the situation, the bird poop is really corrosive for your car’s paint. Let’s now focus on how to tackle this problem.

Bird Poop On Car

Remember that you should not leave bird poop on your car to sit there for ages. The more it sits and the more it rains on it, it will start to corrode your paint. Not to mention that your car will look horrendous. So, what are these methods of de-pooping your car? Let’s elaborate on them in the following chapters.

Method 1 – Detailer Spray

The first method to remove poop on car that we are going to cover is the method of using detailer spray and a microfiber towel. This detailer spray is a quick way to shine your car.

It is perfect if you want to clean the car a few hours after the poop fell on it. It is important to note that using quick detailer spray on dry bird poop can sometimes be detrimental to your paint. Why is this the case?

Well, this is the case because the poop has dried out. Dry poop is more difficult to remove and if you start scrubbing it, you will damage the clear coat pretty easily. For this type of poop, you need to spray it on and leave it for a minute or two and then wipe it off with a microfiber towel. Now let’s move to the second method of removing bird poop on car.

Method 2 – Soap And Water

The second method for removing bird poop on car is by using the good old method of soap and water. Just get a plastic bottle with a sprayer and pour some dish soap into it (for more pointers, check out our guide on can I use dish soap to wash my car). After this, just add some water and shake the bottle really well.

After mixing the soap with the water, you can move on to spray some of this soapy water on the poop.

Similar to the detailer spray, let it soak for a while. Then take a microfiber towel and quickly wipe it off the poop. Your car will shine like new. Much cheaper method than the detailer spray since you already have this soap at home. Now let’s move on to the following method of removing bird poop on car.

Method 3 – Convertible Top Cleaner

If you have a convertible top, you cannot clean the bird poop on car with any cleaner out there. For this, you need a specific convertible top cleaner.

Remember that this is fabric material (it might help to learn how to clean car seats fabric yourself and how to clean fabric car seats), and whenever you rub into it, it could stain it. Similar to the bird poop. If you decide to rub the poop on the material, there will be stains that you will not be able to remove.

So, in order to do that, you will need a convertible top cleaner. This cleaner as we said, is specific for this fabric type and will easily remove the poop from the convertible top. Just spray it on and leave it to soak in, then just wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel. And no more bird poop on car.

Method 4 – Wet Wipes

The next method for removing bird poop on car that we will cover is a really basic method. This method only works on fresh poop. So, if the poop is wet, you just can wipe it off.

Just go to the local store and grab some wet wipes. Use the wet wipes and easily wipe off the poop from the paint. Simple as that. Don’t try this method if the poop is dry because you will easily scratch the paint off and you don’t want this to happen. So, beware. Now let’s move to the last method of removing bird poop on car.

Method 5 – Pressure Washer

The last method that we will cover in order for you to remove bird poop on car is the method of using a pressure washer.

Pressure washers nowadays come in small packages and small form factors and for a good price. Having one is a smart idea because you don’t want to pay money for somebody to wash your car when you can do it by yourself.

Just grab a pressure washer at your local hardware store or on Amazon and pressure wash the bird poop on car. Simple as that. Now let’s cover some of the products that will help you in protecting your paint from the corrosive characteristics of bird poop.

Products To Protect Your Car From Bird Poop

Now, let’s separate some time and learn more about the products that will help you to deal with bird poop on car much easier.

Turtle Wax

Using turtle wax as prevention for bird poop on car should be your best bet. This turtle wax will give you some extra protection on your vehicle’s paint.

Before this, you will need to polish the car’s paint with a buffer and apply the wax. It should protect the paint for a few months. After this time, you can apply some wax again.

This wax will basically fill all of the imperfections that are on the paint and will make sure that the paint keeps that glossy look. In addition to this, any bird poop on car or other contaminants will be easily washable and no damage to the clear coat will be done by them. Excellent product for protecting your paint.

Ceramic Coating

The second product for keeping you safe from bird poop on car is the ceramic coating. This ceramic coating is a liquid that is applicable on any panel you like, it doesn’t matter if it’s plastic or metal. It works on any surface.

You apply a small amount of this ceramic coating on your paint and your car will be protected in the long run. It could last even for years. So, taking this into consideration you should get one for yourself.

But remember, detailing the paint before you apply ceramic coating is essential. The paint needs to be nice and shiny. Then apply the ceramic coating to your vehicle. Now let’s move to the other ways to protect yourself from bird poop on car.

Using A Car Cover

Another great way to prevent poop on car is to use a car cover. This way is the safest and will make sure that no poop falls on your vehicle.

This is often useful for cars that sit for a long time not driven. You just pop the cover on and your car will be like brand new after you decide to drive the vehicle.

Imagine if you park your car under a tree for months how the car is going to look like? It will be fully covered in poop and you will have to spend a day to clean this off from your car. Not an ideal situation. The best thing you could do is to cover the car with a car cover and call it a day.

You can find these car covers at most online retailers and purchase one for yourself. They are not expensive by any means and will fully protect your car from rain, dust, poop, and other debris that falls on it. Except for hail. Hail is something that you really don’t want. Now let’s cover the last topic and that are the ways that you can take in order to prevent birds from pooping on your vehicle. After that, we are going to conclude the article.

Ways To Be Safe From Birds Pooping On Your Car

Now let’s discuss some ways to be safe from bird poop on car. What measures you can take in order to avoid this problem from happening to you? Let’s elaborate.

The first thing you will need to do is to be aware of the birds and their method of action. And this is really easy to do. Not all of the birds go on every tree out there. They are picky where they spend their night.

Check your parking lot if you live in a building and see where is poop and where isn’t poop. Select a parking space that is hidden from the birds. A space that is cleaner.

Another thing you can do is to use a car cover as we discussed above. This is very useful if you rarely drive your car. With this cover, your car will always be clean and you will never have to worry about bird poop on car.

And the last thing is to try using wax or ceramic coating to protect the paint from the corrosive acids in the poop. They can easily ruin your paint job if your car is covered with poop on a daily basis. Now let’s cove on and conclude this article about bird poop on car.

Bird Poop on Cars: Facts You Need to Know

  • Birds are attracted to the colors red, blue, and green, which is one of the reasons they leave droppings on cars.
  • Bird droppings are often found on cars parked under trees or electrical cables because birds perch and roost on them.
  • Car color plays a significant role in the amount of bird droppings received, with red cars being the most attractive to birds, followed by blue and green.
  • Birds may attack their own reflection on polished cars during breeding season, leading them to leave droppings on the vehicle.
  • Birds may also be attracted to car colors that resemble their plumage, such as yellow cars for meadowlarks.
  • Birds may mistake the reflection of a glossy black car for another bird and leave droppings when faced with their own image.
  • Bird droppings on cars may indicate that birds are marking their territory or claiming a spot to roost.
  • Bird droppings on cars can be harmful to the vehicle’s exterior due to the presence of uric acid.
  • Preventative measures to deter birds from leaving droppings on cars include using bird repellents, predatory animals, or ultrasonic gadgets.
  • Bird droppings on cars are believed to have spiritual and superstitious meanings, symbolizing good luck and encouraging reflection.

Conclusion To Bird Poop On Car

In this article, we have covered quite a bit when it comes to the problem of bird poop on car. We learned what this problem really is and why poop is so detrimental to the car’s paint. As we concluded, bird poop contains acids that could easily damage the clear coat of your car. This clear coat will be eaten up by these acids that are in the bird’s poop.

Then we discussed the methods and solutions that you could use to remove the poop from your car. Your best bet would be to soak up the poop if it’s dry and let it sit for a while. Then you can move on and clean the poop with a power washer or another method from the list that we made.

Lastly, we covered the ways that you can try to protect the paint on your vehicle. And this is by watching where you park, using wax or ceramic coating and car cover if possible.

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