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Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – Tire Size, Rim Size, And Wheel Offset

by Jordan Harris
Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion

We’ll discuss the knowledge you need to have in order to choose the ideal replacement tires or rims for your Fusion today. Let’s concentrate on the bolt pattern Ford Fusion for every generation individually.

This is a topic that is often confusing for many drivers and often car owners will prefer to have their mechanic or an auto shop dealing with any issues concerning the bolt pattern Ford Fusion.

However, if you are the type of person who prefers to handle things on their own and in the confines of their home garage then you came to the right place. So are you a proud owner of a Ford Fusion and considering upgrading your wheels? Read on to learn more.

Ford Fusion Rims

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion

Measurement of the 5-lug bolt pattern Ford Fusion. The stud count (five) and bolt circle measurement (4.5), the notional circle determined by the studs’ centers, make up the 5 X 4.5 Bolt Pattern or Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD).

5 x 114.3 is the equivalent bolt pattern.

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – How To Measure 5 Lug Bolt Patterns

Measure the 5-lug wheel bolt patterns from the outside edge to the center distance between the two studs that are located across the hub from one another using the bolt pattern gauge.

Your bolt pattern Ford Fusion diameter is this number. Find out more about wheel measurements below.

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – Alternate 5 Lug Bolt Pattern Measurement

Rechecking with the alternative method described below will assist ensure accurate findings. When measuring a 5-lug wheel with tape, the measurement is merely an estimate unless measured using a wheel bolt pattern gauge.

A second way to measure a 5 lug: 5 X 4.5 Bolt Pattern = 2 5/8″ Center to Center.

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – Which Cars Have a 5 X 4.5 Bolt Pattern

Ford Bolt Pattern

Vehicles from Ford, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan, Dodge, Acura, Chrysler, Infiniti, and other manufacturers all use the 5 X 4.5 bolt pattern.

Travel trailers and utility trailers frequently use the 5 X 4.5 bolt pattern, sometimes known as the “Ford Bolt Pattern” or passenger vehicle bolt pattern.

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – Bolt Design Sequence Of Torques And Specifications

The sequence of 5-lug wheel torque is as follows…

Bolt pattern: 5 x 4.5 Specifications for the torque order are: 1,2 3, 4, 5.

Note: To ensure correct mounting, alloy wheels should always be mounted with a torque wrench. For correct specifications, consult the owner’s manual of your car. Or, using available auto repair manuals. It is good to re-torque the wheels after traveling between 60 and 90 miles.

Hub Center Bore: This term refers to the hole in the center of the wheel that secures it to the vehicle’s hub.

The majority of wheels are mass made, therefore they feature a large center bore to fit a variety of cars.

It is advised that you utilize a hub ring in this situation. Hard plastic or metal hub rings are the rings that go between the wheel and the car.

This ensures that there is no runout when the wheel is mounted on the vehicle by correctly centering the wheel on the hub.

Even if the wheel/tire combination is completely balanced (thus, proving the dangers of unbalanced tires, or being too wary of the tire balancing cost), vibrations may still occur without hub rings.

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – Wheel Offset

The space that is between the wheel’s mounting surface and the actual center line of the wheel is known as the wheel offset.

The wheel’s mounting surface is situated before the real center line of the rim/tire combination in case of a positive offset.

This forces the tire to move closer toward the fender well. On the other end of the spectrum, a negative offset is a sign that the mounting surface of the wheel is much further from the true center line of the rim/tire combo.

This causes an outward protrusion of the tire from the car.

H = High – Positive Offset, commonly +45, 40, or 35 offsets for FWD (Front Wheel Drive)

M = Medium – Neutral Offset, usually +20 Offset for RWD (Rear Wheel Drive)

L = Low, Offset generally RWD, Zero to Negative (Rear Wheel Drive) offset

Ford Fusion

The 2020 Ford Fusion is a well-rounded sedan with sporty driving and ample interior space, but it gets the worst safety rating among many other midsize cars (not really helping to dispel anyone who doubts whether are SUVs safer than sedans) and average fuel economy.

Based on its rating in the 2020 Affordable Midsize Cars category, the 2020 Ford Fusion is ranked as the fifth-best vehicle.

2020 Ford Fusion Overview

How reliable is the 2020 Ford Fusion as a used car? Many car buyers and potential Ford Fusion owners want to know just how reliable this model of car is.

Absolutely, a used 2020 Fusion is a good sedan. It will serve you well and last you a good long while. No doubt, one of the most reliable used cars that you can find.

But remember to always schedule maintenance and take proper care of your vehicle (if you want to avoid the 2014 Ford Fusion problems). It impresses with its cozy interior, user-friendly entertainment system, smooth ride, and lively handling.

Additionally, it boasts one of the top expected reliability ratings in the midsize car class, a sizable trunk, and low projected ownership costs.

But the Ford Fusion, just like any other vehicle is not a perfect car. There are several flaws in this Ford as well. The updated engines are more powerful but still fall short of those in competitors’ vehicles in their class due to the weak base engine.

Additionally, the cabin contains some cheap plastics, and the fuel efficiency is subpar.

Look at the 2020 Toyota Camry and its potent V6 engine option for extra power.

The 2020 Fusion Hybrid or the 2020 Fusion Energi, which is the plug-in version of the 2020 Fusion, might be of interest to you if you like this Ford but want something more fuel-efficient.

How Much Is The 2020 Ford Fusion

The average asking price for the 2020 Ford Fusion is $22,164, according to listings. Prices range from $22,200 to $27,800 and will depend on factors such as location, mileage, features as well as vehicle condition.

The estimated five-year cost of the 2020 Fusion for gas, insurance, taxes, fees, repairs, and maintenance is $26,740, or $5,348 annually. For this class, the above ownership expenses are quite modest.

How Do The 2019 And 2020 Ford Fusion Differ

The sole notable difference between the 2019 and 2020 models is that one. Ford eliminated the V6 Sport variant from the Fusion lineup for 2020.

The Ford Fusion has undergone the following significant alterations in recent years:

2017 saw the release of the SYNC 3 infotainment system, which includes new safety features including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (and if you don’t have one, you could learn how to install Apple CarPlay, instead); 2018 saw the launch of two new trim levels, with minimal alterations.

In 2019, Ford Co-Pilot360 was made standard, the appearance was updated, and there were more turbocharged engine options available. The Platinum trim was also eliminated.

2020 will be the final model year for the V6 Sport trim level.

On a similar note, do check out our guide on problems with the 2013 Ford Fusion, in addition to a common problem with many Ford Fusions, as well as the best model years of the Ford Fusion, and whether Ford Fusions are good cars.

How Reliable Is The 2020 Ford Fusion

The anticipated reliability rating for the 2020 Ford Fusion is 87 out of 100.

Granted, issues do come about every once in a while. To answer these, feel free to head over to our detailed write-ups on common Fusion issues, such as seeing the wrench light on your Ford Fusion dash, as well as problems where your Ford Fusion won’t start.

2020 Ford Fusion Recalls And Trim Levels

The 2020 Ford Fusion is not yet the subject of any significant recalls.

S, SE, SEL, and Titanium are the four trim levels for the 2020 Fusion. The 1.5-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine in the SE and SEL trims replaces the 2.5-liter four-cylinder in the S trim.

The Titanium comes standard with a 2.0-liter turbo-four, while the SE has an option for it. There is an all-wheel drive option for the SE and Titanium grades.

Finding a vehicle with Ford’s SYNC 3 infotainment system is worthwhile because it is both well-equipped and simple to operate. SYNC 3 is available in SE trims and higher as well as some base vehicles.

Ford also produced a plug-in hybrid dubbed the 2020 Fusion Energi as well as a 2020 Fusion Hybrid. We analyze each separately.

Ford Fusion S

The S’s standard features include a four-speaker audio, Bluetooth, a USB port, a push-button start, and Ford’s MyKey system.

Blind-spot monitoring, lane assist, rear cross-traffic alert, as well as rearview camera are all part of Ford’s Co-Pilot360 package of safety technologies.

This model was offered with dual-zone automatic climate control, the SYNC 3 infotainment system, an 8-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, navigation, and a second USB port when the vehicle was brand-new.

Ford Fusion SE

The SE model includes a power-adjustable driver’s seat, six-speaker audio, satellite radio, a Wi-Fi hot spot, rear parking sensors, and alloy wheels in addition to the majority of the S trim’s features.

Ford Fusion SEL

Ford Fusion SEL

The SEL adds heated front seats, a remote start, proximity keyless entry, an 11-speaker premium radio, and ActiveX synthetic leather upholstery.

The more powerful turbocharged engine is not offered with the SEL trim, in contrast to the SE and Titanium trims.

Ford Fusion Titanium

The Titanium trim level adds a sunroof, a 12-speaker Sony radio, HD Radio, leather upholstery, ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, GPS, and adaptive cruise control.

Bolt Pattern For Ford Fusion

The vast majority of wheels available in the market are universal. Simply put, you can switch them from Fusion to another vehicle and vice versa.

However, not all rims can fit your Fusion studs directly. You need to consider several crucial elements if that is you want to achieve the best fitment.

One great way to do this is to start by comparing the bolt pattern Ford Fusion on your desired wheel with that on your Ford Fusion.

This will require you to know the bolt pattern Ford Fusion. To obtain this information, make sure you know the (model) year, make, and model of your car.

The diameter of a wheel bolt is determined by the center of the wheel lugs or bolt holes. Sometimes, you’ll hear people use the terms lug pattern or lug circle.

But there are also a few alternative names. Keep in mind that a wheel bolt with dimensions of 5 by 4.5 means a 5-bolt pattern that has a 4.5-inch diameter. How can I alter the bolt pattern Ford Fusion? Apply adapters.

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – How Bolt Pattern Is Measured

If you have an even number of lugs, measure center-to-center on the lugs that are adjacent to one another. But if there are an odd number of lugs, don’t do it.

From the middle of one lug to the hole’s outer edge, measure the diameter. Most likely, if you do this diagonally across the hole, you’ll obtain the best outcome.

Please review the bolt pattern Ford Fusion torque specifications.

Utilizing a torque wrench, install your alloy wheels. In addition, you should refer to your owner’s handbook for precise specs.

You need to check again the torque specifications after taking the test drive. By doing so, you’ll be able to successfully reduce the possibility of incorrectly torquing your lug nuts or bolts.

The car can lose a nut or a bolt when driving which would result in a couple of unnecessary difficulties and vibrations.

Once you’ve driven the first 50 to 100 miles on your new wheels, you should retorque the lug nuts.

But,  make sure you don’t over-torque it, as you’ll otherwise have to get a stripped lug nut remover to get it out.

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – What’s The Right Wheel Dimension

There are a few important factors to keep in mind to allow you to get the right wheel size:

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – Ford Fusion Rim Diameter

Consider the position of the tire beads. Take precise measurements of the true diameter of the wheel.

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – Rim Width

To determine the rim width, measure the distance between the inside of the outer lip and the bead that sits on the inner lip. Utilizing wheel spacers (aka spacers for rims, though make sure you first consider whether wheel spacers are safe), alter the wheel offset.

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – Backspacing

Measures the distance from the interior of your wheel at the point where it makes contact with key components like the hub, the axle flange, and the brake.

Bolt Pattern Ford Fusion – Ford Fusion Bolt Pattern

This allows you to hypothetically find out the size or circumference of the circle that the wheel lugs form. How do I modify the lug pattern?

And while you’re here, just for a comparison, we’ve also detailed the lug pattern on the Ford F150.

Wheel Offset

This is a term that refers to the distance from the wheel’s mounting surface to the actual centerline of the rim.

All you have to do to get a positive offset is place the mounting surface of the wheel in front of the real center line of the rim or tire assembly. You’ll likely notice that the tire will contact the fender well more due to this.

On the other end of the spectrum, a negative offset will result in the protrusion of the tire from the vehicle.

This happens when the mounting surface is beyond the rim’s or your tire assembly’s true centerline. You can use wheel spacers to alter the wheel offset.

What role does the hub center bore play?

The center holes in your car’s wheels, which center the wheel on the vehicle, are closely related to this specific bore.

To fit practically every type of vehicle, the majority of wheels on the auto market feature big center bores.

For that reason, a hub ring might be necessary. There is no better option if your car needs a smaller center bore than this.

You can correctly center your wheels on the hubs and prevent runouts by using these tough plastic or metal rings. How should you install larger center bore rims?

1. Employ Hub-Centric Rings

You should take into account the following important factors:

2. Thread Size

The size of the lug nuts determines your thread pitch, thread length, and thread diameter. Note the initial digit, or millimeters, of your thread’s diameter.

3. Rim Size Range

Determines the right rim size range by measuring the maximum permitted diameter of your wheels as well as the width that is compatible with a certain vehicle. To change the appearance of your wheels, try hubcaps.

While you’re here, do check out our guide on how to read rim size, as well as our tire size chart for more details.

4. Custom Rim Size Range

In contrast to the manufacturer’s standards, it is the ideal source of information on the minimum and maximum number of rims that your individual car can accommodate.

If you’re unhappy with your stock wheels, we’re here, prepared, and ready to assist you in selecting the best aftermarket wheels.

5. Tire Size

Think about every option for a tire size that can be ideal for your Ford Fusion.

To monitor the tire pressure and maintain it within a safe range, a digital tire pressure gauge is a need.

Once a shadow of doubt was raised by a visual inspection of the wheel, you could measure the pressure fast.

You still lack one. Review the top digital tire pressure gauges that form a tight seal with the valve stem and don’t leak air.

Choose the best automobile air compressor to control the pressure in underinflated or overinflated tires to achieve the ideal balance.

If you need to check whether or not you have to consider tire inflation, simple tire pressure gauges should be enough for the task.

6. Retightening The Bolts

As previously stated, the Fusion typically has five lug nuts. When you mount the wheel to the car once more, you will need to fasten them in an accurate manner. According to Ford, you should fasten these nuts in the manner depicted below. You must go in a crisscross fashion.

7. Five-Bolt Pattern

To start, take a wheel wrench and tighten all the nuts. Since it has an affordable price and fits all bolt sizes on trucks and other vehicles, many find it a great wrench to use.

To prevent any issues from popping up always ensure that you tighten them halfway.

When it is time for the second round, you will need to tighten the lugs to the specified lbs-ft or Nm using the wrench.

Please keep in mind that the bolts that are on the latest model of the Ford Fusion will need tightening to around 100 ft-lb.

Check that the wheel features a central cover or cap. These will need to fasten together in a similar fashion.

Please use your hands to firmly tighten them. Then, using the wheel wrench tighten them an extra quarter turn.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the lug nuts are still in good condition and in place every 30 miles. Please ensure that all of them are in place and still tightly secured.

If they are not you can tighten them again and then check again. Note that the wheel will require changing if it goes on.

8. When Or Why To Rotate/Change Tires

Let’s say you need to replace your tire. Furthermore, you must time precisely the right time to change or rotate it.

Tires typically last 4-5 years or 60,000–75,000 miles. You will need to replace them when this period has lapsed.

It’s a good idea to check the tread wear indications since sometimes this will take place earlier. The picture below displays these. The indicators will allow you to know whenever the tread on the tires wears down to just 1.6 mm (1/16 in).

As such, you should be wary anytime you’re noticing if the outside of the front tires is wearing. Or, if you’re concerned about what causes tire wear on the inside – which is also otherwise referred to as inner tire wear, or inside tire wear.

When you are rotating the tires, you will also need to take out your wheels. In the Fusion’s owner’s manual, it says that you need to do this every 7,500 miles.

A good practice is to rotate the tires when the front tires are switched from moving crosswise to the front and moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Cars Use 5Ă—108 Bolt Pattern

There are numerous vehicles that can use steel wheels with a 5Ă—108 bolt pattern, but the most popular ones include the Ford Focus, Mondeo, Kuga, C-Max, S-Max, Galaxy, Renault Laguna, Peugeot 407, Volvo C30, S40, V50, S60, V60, C70, V70, S80, off-road Volvo XC60 and XC70, Land Rover Freelander II, Citroen Jumpy, Fiat, and more.

How Long Do Ford Fusions Last

The Ford Fusion will last over ten years. However, a variety of elements, such as how well you maintain your car and if you have any major issues, might affect how long the vehicle lasts. Your Fusion can survive up to 15 years or more once you take good care of it and don’t have any significant problems.

Are Ford Fusions Reliable

The Ford Fusion has a reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5, and is rated 18th out of 24 midsize cars. It has average ownership expenses since the cost of annual repairs is $581 on average, according to data from RepairPal.

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